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Over the years, SICC has become the protagonist of a process of specialisation and diversification, which has led the company to head up a consolidated group of enterprises. Established within the reality of SICC, group companies make up a large commercial firm that operates on a global level in various sectors. In addition to owning quarries, the group also has block cutting centres, slab polishing and storage, even in outsourcing for third parties. The various companies cooperate as a single enterprise in realising any type of mid-to-large scale project. The companies include:


Sicc marmi SICC Marmi, located in Chiampo (Province Vicenza – Italy), whose business is the sale of blocks and slabs of marble, limestone, travertine and onyx, availing themselves of a modern cutting plant and a slab and block deposit of 5,000 m2.



Celva - Centro lucidatura ValchiampoCE.L.VA. the Chiampo Valley Polishing, was established thanks to the know how acquired over the years and led the group, together with the other companies in the Valley, to invest in the most advanced technologies, in order to be able to offer a wide range of quality products. The Chiampo Valley Polishing Centre's business is processing material surfaces, offering polishing, dressing, brushing, bush hammering and meshing of slabs.

Gianesini Marmo doo GIANESINI MARMO d.o.o., is the proprietor of one of the rare quarries of Cremavorio limestone. Cremavorio is a material that possesses recognised technical value: it is solid and veined, which makes it the only stone of its type. It is known as Avorio, Malaga and Avorio Marble. Cremavorio is highly appraised for the most disparate uses in interiors and outdoors, for flooring, lining and to complete modern design.The group widened thanks to the precious addition of “Nuova Pieropan srl”, which officially belongs to SICC Marmi as of 9 February 2012.


Nuova Pieropan

The group increased its presence in the territory and created a new establishment in the territory of Verona (S. Ambrogio di Valpolicella). Nuova Pieropan srl also widens the production and business potential of SICC Marmi, which from today can place cutting marble into slabs of 1.5 and 2.5 cm beside the traditional widths of 2 and 3 cm.


Today, the SICC Group is introduced as a team consisting of a score of collaborators and highly specialised professionals, who use the most advanced technologies and equipment for the processing of stone: the result is an extremely high level of material in terms of quality and productive capacity.

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