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GIALLO REALE special price


We'd like to inform you about the availability in our warehouse of the following marble at SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICE:



SOLID PIECES    € 15,00/Q.l

  • NP1144   solid piece size about 195x145x20
  • S1122     solid piece size about 190x160x30
  • S1695/1  solid piece size about 170x160x55
  • S1695/2  solid piece size about 150x144x63
  • S2091     solid piece size about 180x135x85


SLABS 03cm    € 40,00/m2

SLABS 04/05cm     € 45,00/m2

  • M0532 n. 04 slabs polished + resin + net size about 290x120x3
  • M0544 n. 20 slabs brushed + resin + net size about 250x140x3
  • S2573 n. 02 slabs polished + resin + net size about 295x140x3
  • S2573 n. 02 slabs raw size about 270x160x4
  • M0542 n. 05 slabs raw size about 200x100x4
  • M0545 n. 04 slabs brushed + resin + net size about 200x100x4
  • M0543 n. 01 slab raw size about 270x140x5


Contact us for any clarification at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Photo of some available slabs and solid pieces:

slabs S2573


slabs M0544

M0544 1

solid pieces



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