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BIANCO PERLA: available material at discounted price


We'd like to inform you about the availability in our warehouse of the following marble at DISCOUNTED PRICE:



  •  S7024 maximum size 266x144x60     € 250,00/ton 
  •  S7000 maximum size 221x150x140   € 300,00/ton


  • S6783 n. 01 slab raw size about 265x150x1,5 
  • S7022 n. 21 slabs raw size about  305x165x2
  • S7024 n. 16 slabs raw size about  265x135x2
  • S6640 n. 01 slab raw size about  235x180x2
  • S6640 n. 04 slabs honed size about  240x188x3
  • S6640 n. 02 slabs raw size about  235x180x3
  • S6883 n. 13 slabs raw size about  260x160x3

       PRICE FOR SLABS cm 1,5/02     € 20,00/m2

      PRICE FOR SLABS cm 03            € 28,00/m2


 Contact us for any clarification at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Photos material:

  block S7024

S7024 blocco

  slabs S6883

S6883 lastre


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