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"Grigio Fumo - new material in our offer"

Due to numerous requests for grey materials we have made an important research on this typology of stones. We have chosen a new stone for our customers - Grigio Fumo. 

The colours of marble that are being chosen by the architects depend strongly on the fashion. It cannot be denied that nowadays it is time for the Greys. For this reaseon we have decided to offer you a new product, hoping it will fulfill your needs. 

Grigio Fumo is a beautiful stone of israeli origin. It is suitable for internal design and can be used for floorings, claddings, kitchen and bathroom tops as well as for ornamental reasons. It changes with the superficial finishing but remains always elegand with the classic charm. 

Grigio Fumo polished

grigio fumo lucido 2

Grigio Fumo honed

grigio fumo levigato

Grigio Fumo brushed

Grigio Fumo spazzolato


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