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"Stone - industry show in Poland"

MTP is the biggest trade fair organisation in Poland and offers a perfect infrastructure for all kind of trade events. It is a pity that the event Stone is getting smaller every year. There are various reasons that cause this decrease. First of all the general trend of not parteciping in the trade fairs. More and more companies and customers are convinced to be able to find their business partner via internet and telephone with no need to spend a lot of money for the organisations of a stand. Secondly, the crisis which is still visible and present in many sectors, including the construction industry.
Last but not least, the situation on the polish trade fair market. Not more than 10 years ago, MTP was nearly a monopolist on the polish trade fair market. Now the competition is bigger, there are other cities and companies who deal with trade fair organisation.
This particular event has an interesting story: it used to be a local event based in Wroclaw. As it grew, it was decided to move the show to Poznan due to its good logistic facilities. The Kamien-Stone stayed in Poznan for few years, as long as the organisatiors - MTP and GeoChristi from Wroclaw - got well together.
In 2014 in Poland there were at least three stone industry events, one of them just two weeks before the Stone in Poznan. Probably this was the most important reason of the decrease of the show.

Nevertheless visiting the show is always an opportunity to meet business partners form Europe and Asia. This is the place where many stonemasons still search for their suppliers so it is definately a place worth visiting.

On the event's official website there are to be found further informations about the past event. The next one will take place from 18th to 21st November 2015.

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