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Over and above its indisputable historical and ethical value, natural stone, by definition, conserves a characteristic that other synthetic or partially artificial products do not possess: the green ingredient. Increasing numbers of products are being erroneously labelled as "natural", misinterpreting the deeper meaning of the term, which has a completely ecological connotation. Contrary to buildings constructed with synthetic materials, architecture realised with natural stone is the point of arrival of an entirely ecological path of development, which starts with the phase of extraction of the raw material, continuing with its processing and winding up with its installation.

SICC has taken action within the ambit of environmental policies starting from this important premise: the company has built a sustainable chain of production over the years, characterised by responsible use of energy resources, complete recycling of water used in processing and the absence of waste in by-products, which are disposed of and recycled in other sectors.

SICC signed a pact with the Italian Green Building Council from 2010 to 2012, confirming the importance it has always given to the theme of sustainability and becoming an ordinary member of the organisation.

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